Saturday, October 13, 2012

Geordi's Sad Happy Day

Today was a sad but happy day at my house, because Geordi La Forge just went home with his new dad, Mike. You might remember that Geordi and his sister Vanna came into Col. Potter Cairn Rescue back in July due to some unfortunate family circumstances. Geordi is 12 years old and I kind of expected he would be staying for awhile, but imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail (on my birthday, no less) that someone wanted to adopt Geordi. Happy Dancing here for my little red-headed brindle man.

Although I am sad to see Geordi leave, the Matchmakers do such an awesome job of finding just the right homes and I can absolutely say that Mike is the perfect dad for him. And the good news is that Mike would like to adopt another Cairn from Col. Potter after Geordi settles in and has a chance to be the Alpha Boy that he so richly deserves. So, please join me in wishing Geordi La Forge the happiest of forevers. Enjoy your next assignment, Mr. La Forge – live long and prosper!

Penny A Kent, WA with Cairns Buddy and Shasta (CP’s Shanleigh)
And foster mom to Mr. Geordi La Forge who winging his way to Happy Forever at Warp 10

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