Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dodd and Cosell AKA Cody and Coswell

About Cody and Coswell:
These two puppies (brothers) were the last of a litter Fostered by Lori R. to be adopted ..together!!! This is a wonderful family with two daughters, a Dad who serves in the Military and a Mom who is takes care of the home (a full time job I am sure). Count on the 'brothers' to take good care of the ladies of the house when Dad is gone from time to time.

And their update:
I started taking some pictures the other day while putting up Halloween decorations when the camera batteries died, so I only got a couple of the dogs.

They are doing great. Everything went smoothly while I was gone.

They love the yard and run and wrestle throughout the day. They still bark a lot but now understand to stop when we tell them, the only problem is if it is something they really want to bark at, we still have to get close to them to make them stop or even bring them inside. That's the biggest threat, if they have to come inside, they know they got in trouble.

They still don't understand the concept of a walk. They love to go but they still pull at the leash most of the walk and they won't go to the bathroom at all. They love barking at the geese along the lake though. I wanted to get some pictures during the walks but they won't settle down enough yet.

We have started to groom them with scissors and clippers a little every night to get them used to it. So now they are in a different stage of grooming whenever you look at them. One ear done, one not, some paws trimmed, some not and so on.

Cody (Dodd) sleeps on our bed every night now. In the morning when I let them out, before I can even turn around to give him a treat he's already up the stairs and back in bed. He loves his comfort. Coswell (Cosell) sleeps on our bed too, most nights but still likes his crate occasionally. He's a lot more sensitive and you have to "invite" him over to pet sometimes. Both are very affectionate and loving and are so good around the kids, especially our 4 year old.

Hope everything is going well back with your families.


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