Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bella Writes to Foster Mom

Hi Aunt Mary, It's me Bella,

I haven't written since Christmas so I thought I would drop you a note and tell you all about what is going on in my life. Well in my life, it just gets better by the day. Mommy and Daddy are the best and DeDe is just like a true sister. She is always getting in trouble and blaming me. Just because my paws were the ones that were all dirty when the rose got dug up was just an unfortunate coincidence. Daddy wasn't home at the time so mommy and grandpa had to replant the rose. Daddy has been doing a lot of traveling for his work but he has told me that he is done now and he is very happy for that.

A couple of weeks ago daddy took me to the doctors and all I remember was getting a shot. When I woke up my teeth were all clean and my toenails were trimmed. It took almost three full days to get over the fog in my head so tell all the little cairns "Don't do drugs." I did get over it though and now I am back to my old self.

The weekends are still my favorite. This morning daddy got up around 5:00 and lets us out. After that we get to get in the big bed and snuggle. It is just the best. This morning I snuggled up next to daddy and he pulled the blankie over me and I was just in heaven. When we did get up I had an appointment at the beauty parlor and do I look good or what. You can see in the attached picture. Like the pretty pink bow? I certainly think it brings out the best in me. My beautician's name is Mary also. She is a very nice lady. I see a pattern here. Nice ladies named Mary. Huh!

It is a very nice day here today so when we got home all the neighborhood dogs were out front so we all went out to visit. I am still a bit shy around all them. I pretty much hang out under mom or dad's legs. I like to tangle them up in my leash. I do it on purpose to get attention. Pretty smart don't you think?

Mom and dad went to the fabric store this morning while I was at the beauty parlor. They have been making rope toyzzzz for Pam E like the ones we sent you at Christmas. There is going to be a big sale on fleece starting tomorrow so they went to check it out. It is their little way of helping the fosters. Speaking of fosters, do you have a foster now? If so I would sure love to meet him or her and show them what life outside a puppy mill can be like. Mine has turned out to be the best.

Sure hope you are having a great winter. We are looking forward to spring and being outside in our yard more. If you are ever in the area we would sure love to see you. If we come your way this summer we will give you a call and maybe stop and see you. Have a great rest of the winter.

Till next time.

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