Saturday, February 26, 2011

Riso's View of His Furever Home

Hey guys, Riso here. I want to tell you how my new forever home is. Foster Mom Judy sure was great and I miss her and Biscuit a lot, but I have been so busy. I have a great big backyard that I run around in all the time. I have to keep all of the squirrels out of here it's a full time job. There is also a little girl dog next door. I like playing with her a lot. She is crazy! She is like a jumping bean. She always jumps over me and walks with her feet on my back. I guess that's what Min Pin's do!

A lady came over a few days ago that was really nice. They said she was my grandmother. Imagine that! She gave me some raw carrots, I love raw carrots! I had to put on the charm then and sit pretty for her. I really liked her so I got up close, rolled on my back and let her rub my tummy - it was like heaven!

I went to the doctor too. I told you I had been busy! I liked all of the people there, they were nice. I was really brave too. I got a shot and a heart worm test. The doctor listened to my heart and looked at my teeth. They did some other stuff too and I didn't even flinch. They kept telling me what a good boy I was.

Ok guys, I have to be honest. I did sort of loose control a couple of times. But I couldn't help it. You know how I hate that mean old vacuum cleaner. It came on and I attacked it. Then one day my dad and I went out to the back yard and the water sprinkler came on. I went APE. I tried to kill it and I got soaked and all dirty too. I had to get my first bath there and I was really good cause I knew I had messed up. My Dad says we will have to work on those things. He is really nice.

See guys, there is a forever home out there for you. I found mine and you will find yours too. It's so nice to be loved and cuddled and get treats and ride in the car and take nice long walks in your neighborhood. Hang in there - those matchmakers know what they are doing..

One of Col. Potters Kids

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