Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Finn (CP's Shooter)

Today is Finn's official Gotcha Day based on his paperwork but I actually brought him home on February 28th. Due to the generosity of Finn's amazing foster Mom, Chris C., my Darbymonster and I met Shooter on Saturday 2/27 and spent the night at their house getting to know the little skittish guy in surroundings familiar to him before bringing him home to NY the next day.

I'd enclose a picture, especially since he was recently groomed and looks wonderful, but he's proving very Cairn-like and uncooperative. He's happy to get belly rubs, Kongs stuffed with peanut-butter or other treats, and loves to lie on the couch and rest his head on or against my leg, but gives me the evil eye and looks away when the camera comes out.

He still loves, loves, loves riding in the car, hates loud noises (snow plows, garbage trucks, the local gun range, not too fond of the dishwasher), loves belly rubs and jumping up onto my bed when he feels like it (he has 4 dog beds, the couch, wall-to-wall carpeting and a nice human mattress to choose from -- he's a typical bachelor who doesn't like to be pinned down).

He's been housebroken since the day I brought him home with the exception of a few digestive system related problems. Except for day one (which was pretty natural and he stopped when I Acckd) he has NEVER tried to mark inside the house.

He's happy to hang out, eat whatever I feed him, loves getting his anti-anxiety meds in bits of cheese and does sits or downs to get them. He is Mr. Easy Going and easily content.

No, you can't have him. He's home and he's staying forever.

Rochester, NY

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