Monday, February 28, 2011

Mr. Haines Makes Foster Mom a Flunkie

Just so you could all laugh and get a good ol "I Knew it" in there - I adopted Mr. Haines to be ours forever and always.

He is adapting to his new life with everyone very well. Haines wants me to give a big thank you and a Haines hug to everyone that worked hard to get him here to Montana.

Thanks much to Maureen who worked OT to find transport for him and answering all my questions and emails. Thank you too Robin with the Colorado snownoses for all your help! Thank you very very much to Curtis and Beth who took Haines a long long ways towards his new home.

Thank you all at CP for welcoming me and getting me the heck otta where I was.

Love and Hugs,
Haines wid my new family in Montana

P.S. I dednt no it wez gonna be sooooooooo cold up her en the frozn nerth. But I du lik it anyways! Me Momma sez I gotta lern sum insid maners now.


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