Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nellie: Still Beautiful and Celebrating her 12th Birthday

Hello Col Potter!!
We'd like to Thank All of you for giving your time Love and work to all the Cairn rescues. We had adopted Nellie 4/02/2004 !! She just had her 12 year Birthday yesterday!! We wanted to share a few pix of her...she was a Puppy Mill girl..she has turned out Beautiful! We got her when she was 5 years old. She has been A Joy and is FULL of Love!

We also have a Yorkie. Nellie does wonderful with her! We had huge concerns about adding another dog with Nellie..But just as an sparked Nellie to come out of her shell even more!! So as a suggestion to other new parents adopting - another dog may be of a Huge Help to your resident furkid!

Thank you... to ALL of you who work so hard at finding homes for all the abandoned Carins!
Please spread the word to all the Foster Parents! God Love you all! Keep up the good Work!!

Karen and Nellie :)
Nellie's foster mom was Lynell

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