Saturday, February 26, 2011

About Being a "Foster Flunkie"

In the CPCRN world, as well as very possibly other rescue groups, being a "Foster Flunkie", or "Foster to Furever" is a wonderful title to own! I only own it once but hope there are more in my future. Every Col. Potter kid has a foster parent, but not every parent flunks. Many foster families have flunked numerous times - what an honor! Read Linda's story of being a FF and note that she also has a CP foster boy in residence - wonder if she will "flunk" with him...

My Miles came to me with another CP name (don't remember what it was). Anyway we fell in love with him because he seemed to sad. Read his history from owner to shelter to return to shelter. We just knew he needed us so we adopted him right away.

For months he ignored us, acted like he didn't want to be here and continued to have that sad face. We would all cuddle on the couch and he would not join us. Sat on the door mat with his back to us. We kept talking to him and calling him by the CP name he was given (he was 6 y.o.).

One night, I sat and watched him with his back to us, looking like he lost his best friend. I went and got his paperwork and started reading thoroughly what his history was. Then, there it was, his given name by his owner. I went back into the living room and sat on the couch and called him by his given name, Miles. You should have seen this little guys face! He came running to me and jumped on my lap, tail just a waggin.

Sometimes it's just the little things about these babies that make that light go off. Miles knows every command you can think of, he is the most obedient out of all of my little kids. He no longer sits with his back to us. In fact, he is a big part of us. I can't even imagine a day without him being with us.

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