Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kloe fka Libra Doubles Her Happiness

Hello Col. Potter:
This is Kloé, I mean Libra (since that is what you all called me.) checking in with everyone to let you know how I am doing at my Forever Home. Well, I'm doing Great!!

You know, ever since I came to Col. Potter, I never knew how good life could be. You rescued me and got me on the road to recovery. I cannot thank everyone at Col. Potter enough for what you did for me. I really appreciate it.

I have to tell you, my Foster Mom choose the best Forever Home I could have ever imagined. Foster Mom said I would do better in a house with men, well I have a house with two men and I am the number one Female of the den. That is Daddy W on the right and Papa J on the left, with my tongue hanging out in the middle on the day they came to pick me up. The picture of me on the stairs one of the first ones they took of me at my Forever Home.

I am getting more comfortable every day and have gotten used to Daddy and Papa’s work schedule. I get all excited when they get home and even have gotten comfortable with running up to them and letting them greet me when they get home, then I do my favorite game of walking away from them with my tail wagging and getting settled down before I let them give me any more attention. I have gotten use to going right out the sliding glass door when they open it to let me out in the morning and afternoon. When I get done in my big back yard, I come and sit at the door, or stand with my tail wagging a mile a minute, until they come and open the door for me. When the door is opened I sniff around a little bit and then go right inside.

Guess what - There is a big park right next door that I get to walk around in when I go for walks with Daddy and Papa. I have gotten real comfortable during my walks. After the first couple of walks, I stopped trying to pull on the leash and walk right next to whoever is walking me. They got a flexible leash for me, so no I can lag behind and do my sniffing, or walk off to the side in the grass and stuff, but I hardly ever pull on my leash any more. I have learned to stop whenever Daddy or Papa stops at a street corner when we are going to cross. Then as soon as they start moving again, I know it is safe for me to start walking again. I love the fact that they make sure it is safe for me to cross the street before we go.

I got myself professionally groomed the other day and I spent two and a half hours on the table and did not fuss much at all. It felt so good and when I looked in the mirror after wards, I hardly recognized myself! I look so pretty now. The last picture you see is of me after I was finished getting groomed. Can you see the difference Col. Potter?

Well, I better let Daddy and Papa say a few words before we close out for this update. Until next time Col. Potter. Much Love to everyone who helped me get to where I am today, Florence, Betty, Suzanne, Kathy, Laura and an especially big kiss for Foster Mom Kim!! I look forward to every day now that I am really living the life of a dog.

Hello Col. Potter, this is Daddy W and Papa J. We love having Kloé as part of our home and amaze at the love that she has to offer. She as been just the most precious little gods creature we have ever seen. We can see little changes in her each and every day. We know we are only at the start of this journey together and we value each and every day she is in our life. It is so cute to see her get all excited when we see her first thing in the morning and when we get home. To be greeted with a waking tail and kisses is just adorable. She has gotten really good on her walks and gets more confidence every day. Kloé just sniggles right next to us and gives us kisses when she gets her ears scratched or her butt rubbed just right. She always comes back for more.

Both JonMichael and I want to give Col. Potter and everyone involved with your organization a very heartfelt thank you for allowing us the opportunity to adopt such a special Cairn. We look forward to many happy years with Kloé and likely other Cairns as we all move forward.

With Warmest Regards,
Wesley G and JonMichael S
Kloé's Forever Daddy and Papa

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