Monday, February 28, 2011

Introducing Mercedy fka United

We have adopted SIX Col. Potter Cairns and we have flunked FOUR times ...... secretly we are trying to chase down Mo's statistics :)

This time it was Mike that flunked.

Yes, he fell for the big brown eyes, the please cuddle with me look, the cute little face and fuzzy big feet. One of Col. Potter's "9/11 Remembered" is now a Key. United is now called Mercedy (pronounced like the car Mercedes-only with a cute little "y" on the end - thank you Julie).

She fits into our pack so sweetly. Her personality has blossomed since arriving here last September. McKinley loves to play with her. The two of them roll and tumble all the time together. It is funny when I call out, "enough, take break". Two little heads pop up and look at me for a second and then they go right back into burying their heads into each other. Mercedy just loves Mike and will hop up and down at his knees to be picked up. Once in his lap, she snuggles into him and looks adoringly into his face.

Let me introduce our new little one, Mercedy
Hugs from Wisconsin,

Joellyn & Mike
with Maggy, Marcy, Muffy, McKinley & Mercedy

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