Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mahaska, now Mosca, is Lovingly Adopted

My sweet older gentleman foster, Mahaska, went to his forever home yesterday after living with me for over 9 months. I almost flunked with him several times myself but then I wouldn't be able to foster anymore. Not because of a city limit but because of my DH's limit! (He thinks TWO dogs in the house is enough! How silly is that?!)
Anyway, Mahaska was lucky enough to be adopted by longtime CP volunteer, Lauren N. She helped me out by taking care of him for 3 weeks - not once, but two times - while I was on vacation last June and again in December. Mahaska put on the charm and she fell in love with him. She will be calling him Mosca (which is what I was calling him.) I have attached a picture of the happy couple:
Thank you to all in CP that made this happy ending possible!

Wendy in Portland, OR

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