Saturday, February 26, 2011

Marion and Matoe in Minnesota

Hi. My name is Joleen and I am new to this group. In the past (long ago) I have raised and shown Cairns in both confirmation and obedience.

Recently, my housemate, Ann and I have had 3 Cairns and a Bedlington. 2 of the Cairns, Jake and Shirley, were from shelters here in Minnesota; both passed at age16 over the last 2 years. Xena, the Bedlington, passed just over a year ago at way to young an age.

We still have one of the Cairns, Matoe, who is about 12 and also came from a local shelter at 5 1/2 months of age. Here is where we think she got her name. She came from a home that had 4 kids, all 8 yrs old and under. She was quite red as a youngster and we guess that one of the little kids said when they got her, " she's red like a matoe(tomato)".  Just a guess but its a good story and we are sticking to it.

We recently adopted a CP dog, Marion, and are just about to receive our first foster, Echo, from the hoarder house.

Attached is a photo of Marion with her ever-present blue pillow, and one of Matoe.

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