Sunday, April 3, 2011

Worth the Wait - A Wonderful Home for Marisela

Foster Mom Bonnie shares this gleeful story:
Thanks to everyone who works so hard to keep Col. Potter rolling along, to all those who work on applications, fundraising, promotions, etc. and those who buy squares on NLOL and other fundraisers.....another little one has been kept safe until her Forever Home could find her.

It's been 602 days since Marisela joined the Col. Potter family. I've just received the okay for Mari to be adopted to a woman who wants Mari knowing that she's not perfect and not beautiful from front to back. Our little Mari will be moving to her own home next week with a Mommy to love and cherish just HER. Mari will get to be the Princess getting all the attention and walks and cuddles. She won't have to share with fosters coming and going. She won't have to share a house with Janna the Mouth. Alan and I will miss her. I've started practicing crying because it's going to be hard to let her go as she seems like family by now as she's been with us since November of 2009. 
This isn't about me or Alan and's about everyone working together to save Cairns. No shelter would have kept Mari around for so long. She was lucky that Col. Potter took her in.

Please keep Mari in your hearts and prayers as she moves to her new home. Her behaviors on walks are not always what they should be and I've told her new Mom that...but we will hope and pray that experiencing it isn't too much.

Thank you all,
Bonnie and Alan, servants to Miss Mari
in OH with Cairns Gilly & Janna 

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