Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bosley - Scruffy Cairn Shadow

It's Sunday morning and as i write Bosley is sound asleep at my feet. We were outside earlier gathering up junk that needed to go to the dump. He wasn't quite sure of what was going on.

Bosley has turned a corner for sure with feeling comfortable and part of the pack; we have had him 2 months now. When he first got here he was like static cling to me.  When we had to leave we would put him in his crate. He had such bad separation anxiety he would stress himself out so much he would be sweating. 

He is finally getting that i am more Terrier than he is. When we go out to potty, he must potty. He is now even alerting me and going to the door when he has to go.  we are trying our best to stick to a schedule/routine.

Now he has started telling me its time for bed. he gets right in there and snuggles between John and me, next to Maurice. Happiness is a warm Cairn to wake up to.

Bosley has started to play with Maurice (my toy poodle) and Maurice is even playing back with him. Bosley and Charley(my cocker) are even becoming friends. they tend to lay next to each other and Bos lets Charley sniff and lick him. This is definite progress.

Bosley is really coming out of his shell. he now comes up and gives me a goofy look and wags his tail then bows down and comes over to kiss me. what a charmer.

Our next adventure is to take him boating. we are getting the boat ready so the next sunny day we have we will go out. oh i hope he likes it.

We are going for walks down the property and back. he trotts alongside me. its so nice not having a tugger on the leash.
All in all he is wonderful! we are two peas in a pod. i feel complete again having my scruffy Cairn shadow. He makes me smile, especially when we are driving somewhere and he and Maurice are curled up together just watching me. Each day he comes out a bit more and shows another side of his personality.

Thanks again for giving him his start.  I love him so much.  Happy thoughts and wagging tails.

Kate and Bosley

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