Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kricket Working on Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Award

Kricket is doing fantastic-it seems as if she has always been here. Often she is running around the yard and making circles around Champ--he definitely has been learning how to play with her--at first he didn't know how to take her and wouldn't really engage her, but now he has figured her out a bit and they are having great fun.

She has also met her match with the golden retriever across the street-he is a 1 yo "puppy" and loves to play, and they have been having a couple of rounds of tag with the vocal "play growling" it is very funny to watch. Yesterday Madison (my 11 yo daughter) and I started a training class at the Bucks County SPCA with Kricket, and she is doing very well. Madison has hopes of getting Kricket to pass CGC Award and progress to some agility work, catching a frisbee… Kricket wont be bored. We are also working on her being calm when we come home so she is learning that jumping up and carrying on is not going to get our attention. Once she is calm, she gets all the love and attention she could ever ask for.

She is still pulling when we walk, but getting better……no accidents in the house, no problem with other kids, dogs, and she is now respecting the cat and doesn't chase him..the cat will actually sit on the deck when she is there and she doesn't pay him any mind! So progress!!!!!!!

I know she was the best choice for us and I am so glad she was able to come to us, enjoy the photos and video, when we progress in our training I will send you some updates so you can see how much she has grown!

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