Sunday, April 24, 2011

Box-Sniffing MacKenzie

We have featured several different professions our Cairns have practiced. Here is a new one - as MacKenzie's mom Karen O explains:

I believe our Cairn, MacKenzie (t-shirt girl-allergies) has a possible new profession!  When I was doing some poop pick-up, I looked back on our patio and this is what I saw!  After several years, I finally decided to empty my storage unit and get rid of my teaching materials.  

In the second row, the third box down, is a box filled with sea shells.  Well, MacKenzie, who can find a microscopic speck of food on the ground, somehow sniffed this box from the ground and decided to make her was up to the incriminating box!  She figured out how to jump up from one box to another, because of the way they are stacked in front.  When she found the box, she decided she wasn't high enough and had to get up ot the highest box.  

This girl has NEVER grown-up! LOL 

Karen O
Yuma, AZ
MacKenzie, McDuffy, Starry Night, Holly, and Bree's Mom

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  1. so funny! My remy found a way to 'climb' our wine tower the other night because we put a stick on it. He will do anything possible for a stick!!