Sunday, April 3, 2011

Buddy fka Sainted Riley - Strides in all the Right Directions

Foster Mom Pamela E. says: I received this great update from Sainted Riley, now Buddy's, dad Adam.
It always warms the heart to hear such glowing reports !

I'm so sorry for not keeping in better touch with you, please accept my apology. Buddy is taking little strides to come out of his shell since we last spoke and each little stride is adorable!
1. He now goes up and down the stairs like a champ. I actually think he enjoys doing it or something because he goes up and down for no reason sometimes it seems like! haha
2. We LOVE to go on walks and now that the weather is HOPEFULLY going to warm up, I am super excited to take him to the dog park so he can run around and make friends and experience that for the first time... He loves to meet new dogs on our walks, which he used to just ignore them.
3. He and Ruby play ALOT more now, they run around back and forth, wrestle, run some more, but Buddy always ends up on his back...on purpose of course. He just always rolls over on his back and lays there and wrestles from his back, very cute
4. He used to not be a fan of riding in the car, but now he likes to come with me when I run short errands, especially if it involves stopping at my brother's to see him, my sister in law and Ruby for a visit
5. Buddy NEVER has any accidents, it is amazing, but I assume that has something to do with him enjoying his set schedule of yummy food and walks and playtime.
6. He's had two haircuts/groomings so far. He isn't such a fan of this but he loves feeling clean and all the pets he gets from everyone about how handsome he looks when it is over!
7. He still doesnt' seem to like to have his picture taken but I will try to get some recent pictures to you asap, promise.

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