Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Happy Tails Update on Mollie and Arnie

Mollie (fka Yolanda) vs Strangers:  Reserved, yes.  Terrified, no!  She will cozy up to female guests within 15 minutes, male guests take more than an hour...a big improvement over utter terror of my husband for weeks after she arrived in Oct.  Now she loves him, loves on him, jumps up in his lap and licks his face without invite or warning!!!   I am still her favorite person, but she is an equal opportunity love bug.  She walks great on the leash and really enjoys jogging with dear hubby, even if it's just to the mailboxes and back.

Arnie (fka Hector):  Oh so loving and sweet.  He is extremely laid back and approaches guests with a smile and a wag every time.  Dear hubby is his favorite person, but I come in a close second.  If Bob and I are in different rooms you can almost always find Mollie with me and Arnie with Bob.

The furkids have bonded as well and nearly constantly play catch the shadow or leaf or bird or cricket or, best yet, squirrel that happens to make the mistake of encroaching on their territory.  And they both like to pull each others legs by making a sudden tiny dash that sends the other one hurdling off the couch which allows player A to steal player Bs spot, or toy, or lap!  Mollie has much more energy than Arnie and goads him into chase and tug the whiskers when she can.  They both sleep in bed with us; sometimes Mollie crowds Bob off his pillow, sometimes she tries to crowd him off the whole bed in her attempt to lay as close as she can.  Arnie just plops down any old place between us.

Our son took some great photos of the pups and I will post those as soon as he gets them edited and back to me.

Bob and I are deeply in love with our CP kids!!

Lynn R
The Woodlands, TX

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