Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aloha from Elroy


Even though we recently had snow, Elroy is ready to hang loose! :) He is doing great! It's so incredible how these animals are able to adapt after everything they have been through. We couldn't have gotten a better dog!

Elroy has graduated to a big boy bed in our room and loves it! He loves when we cook in the evening - always in the ready position to help if anything should drop on the floor. He is such a great addition to our home.
He definitely loves his bed. He was pretty confused about it the first few days, but now he loves getting all wrapped up on it. The first night he actually sat outside the crate to go in and go to bed. :) Smart little guy.

Elroy really enjoys placing himself in locations where he can view everyone and everything. Every once in awhile he tosses his toys around. He loves his life and we love him!
Wendy D

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