Saturday, April 30, 2011

For Spinach, a New Home and a New Name!

Spinach's new Mom reports that all fursibs have accepted "Jay Den" into the family:

I had all three dogs outside walking them when Ron got home.  So he walked Spinach (on the leash) over to us.   Georgie was delighted to see her and they did the meet and greet.  Then Bilbo, and she passed his sniff test. Rook was a little stand offish so I told Ron to take Rook's leash and  then Rook was okay - Rook sort of favors Ron.  They did the sniff test and everythibng was okay. 

We took all 4 for a walk.  Ron had Rook and Spinach and  I had Bilbo and Georgie.  By the time we got back to the house they were friends.  We put them all in the back yard and they played in the back yard.  When we came in she got Rook to play with her and then Gorgie to play with her inside.  The 3 girls are having a lot of fun right now and Bilbo is on the couch just watching.

Again  thank you for all your help.

DeAnne and Ron

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