Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cutie Patootie Molly Wahoo

Ladies and gentlemen,  Miss Molly Wahoo.....
Until recently we were a one Cairn family.  Scout was the little guy who was getting all the attention and was loving it. We saw Molly (Wahoo) in January and put in an application for her.  We knew she had heart worms and were willing to wait for her to get her clean bill of health.  For two months we thought her name was Wahoo, two days before we picked her up we found out her name was Molly.  So, Molly Wahoo came to live with us.  Being new to each other I wasn't sure what to expect.   She rode quietly in the car and was good in the hotel also.

When we got home, Scout came out to the street to meet us.  After some sniffing all seemed well.  Once inside, Molly settled in real nice.  She had her toy and didn't bother with Scout's.   She also found her place to hang out and she has a new memory foam bed where she sleeps with her Col. Potter blanket (even I don't have one of those).  She is a daddy's dog, everywhere I go, she is right there and don't even think the word outside.  She runs to the door and wants to almost run everywhere.  She is quick to finish her business and the wants to keep moving.

Molly and Scout don't mind sharing the attention.  They both get plenty.  They don't play together but they don't fight either.  Maybe that's because they are both teenagers (you know how they are).

She is the missing piece to our furmamily.  She learned the routine quickly and has the run of the house with Scout.  She hasn't had any accidents or tore anything up.  She is perfect.

In closing, I would love to thank the Col. Potter Rescue group for all their hard work and especially the foster mom Marie who without her love and devotion this fine young lady might not be with us today.  Becky who came to make sure our home was Cairn ready, Rebecca who checked our references,  Joanne, Director of Placement Services,  Beverly, who pushed the application so we could get her the day we did and Sandy, Post Adoption Coordinator. Without you and all the wonderful people in the network these little bundles of joy may not have the happy homes they have now.
Roger & Janet B
Sunny Winter Haven , Fl.

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