Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lily - Another Bright Star Added to the Heavens

This week we sorrowed with Mo as she shared this sad news:

My sweet Lily has gone to the bridge.  I got there in time to hold her before she passed.  She knew I was there, her little tail gave me that oh so familiar wag.  I know she is running free at the bridge with many new playmates and I know that her tail is still wagging.  It was always wagging, no matter what, it wagged even when she was bad.  I will miss my little grey ghost girl but I know she is safe and not in pain.
Mo and the Most Amazing CT fur herd, minus one sweet little girl

Lily was the inspiration for the "Water Lily" - a raised wooden water or food bowl designed for Lily and the problems she had several years ago with drinking water at typical bowl level. Many of us celebrated Lily's life by adding some milk or chicken broth to our cairns' own water dish. Lily was certainly well-loved and happy!

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