Friday, November 26, 2010

Bodie Has His Own Comic Strip!

Is there no end to the talents our CP Kids have?!?!  Check out this wonderful update from a furever Mom:

A lot has happened to Bodie since he was first adopted in July 2008. He has 2 fur siblings, and is a star in a new comic strip drawn by my mom, Elena Steier.

Fall is Bodie's favorite season. The leaves are changing, the walks are longer, and the pine cones are ripe for the picking. Every afternoon, we go out for a walk, and he collects as many little pine cones he can fit into his mouth and brings them home. If he's lucky, I'll forget that he picked up two or three and he'll bring them into the house to gnaw on. But a real treasure for this little guy, is moments after a big rainstorm. He'll pull and pull until he reaches the puddle and he'll run through it splashing water up. Sometimes, after he darted through for a couple minutes, he'll gaze up at me with his big brown eyes wishing that I'll splash in the puddle a little bit too. Pine cones, and puddles, that's all this little Cairn needs to be the happiest dog in the world.

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