Friday, November 26, 2010

Mai Tai Shortens Her Name to Tai

Tai is doing so well! What a time we had today! We had some initial issues with potty in the house if you recall but I solved that by taking her to the dog park. We go twice a day now and she loves it (I guess she trained me pretty well!). She has progressed so much and now is familiar with the regular people there and will go right to them for pets and friendly talk. When we first started going she stayed right with me but is so much more social with people now. I take her to work with me a couple of times per month and she enjoys that - at first she would stick with me and now she will wander out of my office & look for someone to give her attention.

We have taken in a whippet - I posted a question in the Yahoo group a while back about it - and things are going well there. When we first took him in Tai's behavior seemed to regress BUT I believe the real cause was the beginning of the rainy season here. As you know she is scared of thunder and she can easily sense the approach of a storm. The best way to deal with that, I found, was just to sit with her on the couch and cover her with a pillow. The new dog arrival happened at the same time we were getting storms several days per week. Once that period passed, her nervousness disappeared. I took the advice from the Yahoo group and we set up the new guy (Pedro) in a pen in the living room. That is where he sleeps and Tai sleeps in our room. He is young (3 yrs) and though interested in her she showed no interest in him. There are no problems with aggression on either side.
That is how things progressed until today! We went to the dog park as usual and brought Pedro along (he usually goes with Gary later in the day). Tai and Pedro played with another dog there! I wish I could express how happy this made me and how unexpected this was. She has shown virtually NO interest in other dogs - at the park she & I would run around together or she would roll on the grass. Today the three of them were playing (and sniffing and peeing LOL). Then later today at home she and Pedro played together in the house, which hasn't happened since we took him in back in July. She is displaying a true & feisty Cairn spirit. I'm thrilled!

Oh and though I am Mom she adores Gary. He gets all the dog smiles and the bouncing up & down excitement - I get that when I come home from work but he gets it just by walking into a room. I tell him she is flirting with him as she is all smiles and wiggles.

It's difficult not to send a ton of pix! Here is the queen on her couch with our shared boyfriend. The second pic is something new that started up the last couple of days - Miss Tai has decided that during the day she likes to snooze on Pedro's pillow occasionally rather than in her own crate. So here they are sharing the pillow.

The final pic is just because she is so pretty :)

Tracey & Tai

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