Friday, November 26, 2010

On Behalf of Hiz Honor Judge Murphy

The public relations representative for Mr. Murphy Esquire has requested that I forward this press release and picture to our list.  It seems that we have quite a talented member in our midst.

Murphy and Huckabee LLC announced the closing of their Fort Wayne offices effective December 15.

As one of his last acts in office, "the current occupant" in the White House appointed MrMurphy Esq to the bench. Hon.M.Murphy will be serving in the Northern Indiana Federal District Court. The soft spoken barrister was heard rehearsing "off wif his hed". In a brief interview Judge Murphy indicated that he would be handling "da ez casis. Dwugs, interstate fwight, kidnappin, terrowism, and animal abuce. Since dey all gilty wez can sabe lotz of time n muney." In addition to being the only Cairn Terrier attorney in the world, Murphy brings an impressive record as prosecutor; 300 wins and several gone missing during the trial. He has been the center of some controversy surrounding his habit of "marking" defendants after the verdict is read. "I don make dem gilty, I jes make dem pay."

His former business partner MrHuckabee CPA states, " We stil be partnerz. I tiwed of acountin and have accepted a position with Homeland Security. I will gard hiz oners fuzzy butt.
P.S. If you need help deciphering these canine quotes, please write this blog and we will translate.

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