Friday, November 26, 2010

Munchie Delights One and All

Munchkin is delightful!!! She had such a good visit with my girls today, and she was a perfect little cairn guest. I can not believe she is the same dog as the pictures you posted on CRM - what a beautiful coat she has now. They were here for a good 4 hours and they behaved great!! Each waiting their turn for treats, attention, toys, etc.
I have attached some pictures (which also include my Kipper [greybrindle] and Nealie [wheaten]), but since neither of us had a videocamera, it was VERY difficult to catch them standing still. They zoomed around the backyard and finally exhausted themselves. Munchie did find the Cairn Toy Box and jumped right in to get to the toys at the bottom
You can rest assured that she is very loved, and is the center of Marie's world!!
Click here for photos:

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