Sunday, November 7, 2010

Arkie Fox - Already in Love with His Furever Family

From Foster Mom Amy H:
I got all of his stuff ready (blankie,meds,new toys, treats, No-Wolfing-Food bowl, vet paperwork, etc) so we could leave bright and early. Baby, the Grandcairn, went along for moral support. Fox lay on my lap for the entire 1 hr drive. We got there early, pottied at the Collin St Bakery, and then waited for the Forever Family.

When they pulled in, it was like Old Home Week! The Grandcairn hid and growled at the strangers, and Fox did the Happy Dance! And immediately velcroed himself to New Dad, Ron. They seem like a wonderful family, with a 1 acre fenced yard (that had deer last night) so I think Fox is going to like East TX. (They even got new addition babycards made with Fox's pix!)

No kidding, I was kicked to the curb! We took some pictures, but I think he had already psychically checked out of the foster home. He went of with the strangers and could care less that Baby weren't coming along. Maybe it was the big pickup truck, or he just knew they were his Forever people?

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the moral support for my Fox. And thanks to our MM, Theresa C, for finding us a wonderful family.

Foster Mom Amy in TX

I'll try to send over the picture of the happy family.


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