Friday, November 26, 2010

Jambo Got the Right "Chance"

Hi, Monika,

Just wanted to thank you so very much for taking little Jambo in and caring for him after he was rescued. He is an absolute doll - and he and Tess get along very, very well. It was not love at first sight; I think she put him in the squirrel/chipmunk category when he first arrived. She went after him a couple of times and scared me to death. But they are now the best of friends, although when he gets in her face a little too much she does discipline him...she permits him to do things that our fosters last year were NEVER allowed.

He can drink out of her water bowl, sleep in one of her many beds, sit on my husband's lap (as long as she's there too)'s amazing. We will have toy issues, since she is very toy aggressive, but that will work itself out.

He's growing like a weed - I've never seen a dog eat with such joy - and is very smart. He learned "sit" in just 4 five minute sessions, almost has "down", knows "out" and "house"...walking on lead is another matter; he hates the leash and makes no bones about it. Definitely has that "you are not the boss of ME!" attitude when it comes to that. I'm doing home training, but formal obedience classes will start for him in January.

In short - he will be a much loved family addition. I cannot imagine a better match for us and for Tess. You probably know his new name - I figured that since his fire ant bites allowed him to escape from the mill and have a chance for a real life, that "Chance" fit him quite well. He answers to it readily, especially if a Cheerio is involved!

Again, Monika, thank you for him and for all that you do.


P.S. Little Jambo, came in with the "Say Hello Group" and is the little boy who's tummy was eaten up with what we suspect were fire-ants.

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