Saturday, November 13, 2010

Barnabas - the Cairn of Encouragement

A few weeks ago Barnabas met his new parents, John and Sharon. They lost their beloved cairn girl in the spring and were in need of a new cairn spirit. Barnabas seemed to call to his mom through his picture! Barnabas, now Bryn, is an only furkid living in the windy city of Chicago. He has a park two blocks from his home for cairn things like squirrel watching. When the weather is warm, Mr. Barnabas will be enjoying walks on the beach of Lake Michigan (only a few blocks away) ! His new family has quite a history with terriers going back to when his dad was a wee lad in Ireland. His extended family includes two vets for long distance consultations! His new mom reports that he's very sweet natured and being a 'love bug'. She also said he just plays, plays and plays!

Carolynne M.

Fort Wayne IN

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