Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jaymee: Where There's Love, There's Room for One More

Jaymee's permanant address is WV! She had been making little changes, gaining confidence, playing more, but when she decided my lap was her morning ritual, I knew in my heart she wasnt going anywhere.

Jaymee sleeps more, but oh so calmly, not skitterish or jumping and running at slight movements. I think it is a combination of age, plus she is more active with the pack during the day and she just wears herself out a little more.!

And then she started just walking up and laying down beside Darby and Ripley, sort of chilling out with them, touching ever so slightly, that never happened before. (NO one touches Alpha Queen Duncan, unless she decides to sit with/on them!)

I have always called her Jaymee Beth and that is what she answers to.
Jaymee is home in my Heart! And the gang knew it before I did!

Terri, Duncan, Darby,Ripley and Ms Jaymee Beth

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