Friday, November 26, 2010

Dusty and Dougie - Together again

The day was beautiful - a little nippy for Florida, but nice and sunny. Kelly, Devin and Dusty were already in the back fenced area when Dougie (fka Moonshine) came out. Dougie was a little confused, not knowing why there were strangers (and their dog) in his back yard, and why he had to be on a leash. Once the leash came off, he felt free to be himself. He soon realized that the people were really nice and their dog was his brother that he hadn't seen in a month, and probably thought he'd never see again. Shyness was soon replaced with happiness and the little white tails of the little white boys looked like helicopter propellers for the rest of the morning.

Below are two clips of the reunion. The first link is the keeper (although it is really Part 2) and the second link should be considered the Prequel.



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