Saturday, June 4, 2011

Huxley Flies to His Furever Family

This morning Huxley started his journey to his new family taking his first airplane ride ever on Delta.  When we got to the airport there were no lines so it looked like it was going to be a piece of cake!  The agent started the check in process only to have a computer blip freezing up the airbill.  When she called for assistance the phone went dead.  A line started to form but Huxley and I kept our cool.  And it was already nearly 80 degrees at 8:30 a.m.!!  After 40 minutes everything was in order and it was time for the 'inspection'.  As the crate was being inspected, I was holding Huxley (still being a good boy).  When the frazzled agent looked up from the crate, Huxley growled over the displeasure of the wait.  I was so glad he said something so I didn't have to (LOL).  Delta changed his plane after the layover in Detroit and called his new family to let them know he was in early when he reached Providence RI.  Huxley will be living in MA with his new mom, dad, 18 y/o son and grandparents.  He will be an only dog getting all the attention which is what he loves! 
Here's some pictures of the little grumble butt.  He especially liked his CP blanket from Aunt Stacie - it matches him and his bed perfectly!  I hope to have photos of him with his new family soon.  Thanks Matchmaker Lisa B for helping Huxley find his new family!!
Ft. Wayne IN

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  1. Huxley went back to his original name Hunter after a family vote. He is the sweetest little boy even though he is a grumbler. So well-behaved and polite. He will sit and wait while I fill his food dish. We love Hunter very much and working with the Col Potter rescue volunteers has been a pleasure!