Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Run Free Little Hawthorne!

Hawthorne is a CP boy who spent the first 7 years of his life in a puppymill.  We just celebrated his 15th birthday three weeks ago.  Hawthorne is the reason I became actively involved with Col. Potter.  He was absolutely the most frightened and terrified little dog I have ever met.  His journey to freedom continued every day right up until today.  Now he will be completely free of his fears and his demons, but mostly from his physical body that has failed him on so many levels.  I want to picture in my mind, Hawthorne as a puppy, running, playing and rolling in the tall, cool grass and doing all the things puppies do and get into.  Something Hawthorne never had a chance to do as a puppy.  I want him to lose all his inhibitions and take that final step to total freedom.
The last 4 years Hawthorne has suffered from kidney failure, an enlarged heart, a faulty heart valve, Cushings disease and a rapid growth tumor on his eye resulting in the having to be enucleated.  Through it all, Hawthorne has enjoyed his walks, his food, laying in the yard in the fresh air, and yes, finally be loved.  Now his kidneys have finally totally shutdown and Hawthorne has stopped eating and for the most part stopped drinking water.

Please indulge me in a little poem I wrote for my boy:
You came to us
A broken, frightened little boy.
Didn't know what freedom was
Or what to do with a toy.
Slowly, you blossomed and bloomed
While overcoming your demons and fears.
Over time you learned to run, bark and roll in the grass
Hawthorne was becoming a Cairn, it was clear.
Eight wonderful years we had to share
Not near as much as you deserved or long enough
But more years spent in freedom
Than those in the mill that were so tough.
Today your mama's heart is breaking
I know you will be waiting for me.
Until we meet again
My Little Brown Boy, Run Free!
If you would be so kind to light a candle and keep my Hawthorne in your thoughts as he makes his final journey in freedom, it would be very much appreciated.

Valerie K

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  1. I remembered your post about your precious Hawthorne earlier this month.

    The poem you wrote for you little dog is so beautiful.

    As I logged on this post "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" played.

    We will light a candle in his memory - you gave him a happy life of 8 years of freedom.

    This week, in Texas, Governor Perry signed into law a Puppy Mill Bill that will give basic care requirements to breeders.