Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Speaking of Summer Health and Safety

Speaking of summer and reading about furkids starting to wander on their own, or picking up worms from jaunts in the parks or those pesky biting bugs - fleas, ticks and mosquito's .....
Remember CP offers a fantastic TAG ID and has awesome results for wandering furkids and they don't have to be cairn terriers, any animal is welcome to the TAG ID program.
You simply fill out the form, pay the ONE time fee and you receive your tag to put on their collars.........
and don't forget to update your information if you have moved, changed phone numbers or changed vets, simply fill out the form with the updated information and you are all set to go.
And to those worms - well, a twice a year treatment will handle all those pesky guys, just sprinkle the powder on top of their food and they are treated!
CP's price beats all other prices..............  and it is delivered to your door!
And for those biting insects - fleas and ticks and mosquito's........... you can order your frontline from CP (again another great price) and CP carries it for cats as well.
So..... maybe you do not care for Frontline....... then order your favorite product through CP's Affiliate programs, a percentage of your purchase comes back to help the cairns in need.  just click on the company you would like to do business with, order your product and your done.

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