Monday, June 13, 2011

Mickey has a "Staycation"

Hope all is well.  We just got back from vacation yesterday afternoon.  Every year we go to the Americade motorcycle event held in New York State.  We got to meet up with old friends and make new friends also.

My daughter came down from Ma. to watch Mickey and Sony.  She has three dogs also.  Mickey did great while we were away.  My daughter said he is one of the best behaved dogs she has ever seen.  She was able to bring Mickey in with the other dogs and everybody got along just fine.  We did call three times a day to check on how things were going, I guess because we missed Mickey and Sony.  They were so happy to see us when we got back.

Mickey has really settled in just fine.  I'm sure he knows this is his forever home.  His favorite thing is playing ball and we play everyday sometimes fetch and sometimes catch.  He loves to sit and look out the front bay window and has learned that he can jump up to the dining room window sill to look out the side of the house.  Check out the attached picture.  He also has figured out what time I get home from work and goes to the front to wait for me.  I just love this little guy.  We are so lucky to have him.  

We want to thank everyone from Colonel Potter for helping make the adoption of Mickey possible.  I will be in touch soon.

Mike & Cindy

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