Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pappy is so Very Happy in Montana!

One year ago, a CRAP Cairn Rescue Annual Partywas being held in Missouri. And it was Father's Day weekend with lots of people in attendance, and many more visiting virtually. When you take Col. Potter people and add a holiday, the natural result is a celebration ceremony – this one centered around those great Cairn Dads and Foster Dads.

Pappy at Intake June 2010
During the presentation, a promise was made that the next mill dog daddy that came into CP would be named “PAPPY” and that “he will be yours – each and every one of you."

Well shortly after, that promise was kept and this handsome shy boy came to be a Col. Potter kid. Pappy was lovingly fostered By Gina K in Kansas.

Susan and Jeff B, Pappy's furever family in Montana, recently sent us this great update: 

I would love to report on our boy Pappy.  WOWWWW! Where do I start? When he first came to us, he was horribly afraid of anything and everything; the slightest squeak, wind blowing, the klink of a fork on a dish;  He would run and try to hide when I came in the door.  
There were moments when I thought he could never be a loving, happy boy- but we didn’t give up and Pappy has turned the corner.

He is happy, and loving.  His fears are being conquered little by little and he is an absolute joy and love of my life.  He sleeps between  my husband and me- along with 2 other Cairns whom he adores.  I cook for 2 of the 3 dogs, the third - Tessy has chronic kidney and liver disease.

He just had His new Summer haircut- I went to the groomer and stayed with him-held him- most of the time. It worked out great because it became a non-threatening situation. I know we will get another”Pappy” from Colonel Potter in the future.

Pappy is in his forever after home and we are so very fortunate to have him in our Life. He brings joy and happiness to me every day and now - finally - we're bringing that to his life.

Pappy with his Fursibs
Cairn TV

Cairn Heaven

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