Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Emma and Gracie: Therapy Dogs in Training

I went to Darlene's facebook page and pulled this link to her dogs' PHOTOS.  
Circle is Emma, and Cube - the little Chihuahua looking cairn girl - is Gracie.  They were adopted last year in October, and they are in training to be part of Darlene's therapy pet program.

Isn't it great to know that these little girls that were virtually "cast aways" from a breeder now not only have a mom who loves them, but an extended family of volunteers who help her take care of her dogs, getting them back and forth to the hospital, and working with patients who love on them all day while they're at the hospital? 

I think she had these pics taken early this year, so the girls are a little bigger now than these pics. . . . . . .
Foster Mom Kathy H in MO

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