Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ramsay Plays Ball and Shows His Cairnitude!

Ramsay is great. He loves chasing the tennis ball in his new backyard. During the week we get up around 5:45 and go for a nice walk (getting much better on his leash). He eats his breakfast and we have a little play time in the living room (he doesn't like the wet grass early in the morning). 
I leave for work around 7 and I put him in his crate with some toys and his kong with Peanut Butter. He has been very good in his crate so far. When I get home around 4, I take him out in the yard and he does his business and we play a little ball. Unfortunetly it has been really hot here, so he doesn't last too long.
Then he has dinner and a treat. I have been still giving him a half cup in the morning and half cup in the evening. When it begins to cool off in the late evening we either go for a nice walk or play in the backyard. That usually tires him out. So that is pretty much our routine each day. I have to keep an eye him at all times however, he likes to grab pretty much anything he can get his mouth on, I just distract him with a toy. Everything is great so far. He's my little buddy. He has been sleeping in his crate every night. Have a great weekend.
Thanks again.

Bryan & Michelle

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