Sunday, June 19, 2011

Forever Mom Daphnes in BC Canada says:

Here's a recent pic of my little angel who was rescued from a Kansas PM in October 2006. Lulu is now 4 1/2 yrs a Cairnadian!  I haven't sent any pics lately, so thought the group might like to see again the little goof I talk about.

The pic is of my sweet girl snoozing the day I got the results of her ultrasound. She is 11yrs and 5 months old.

Lulu started a 7 day induction phase of Lysodren therapy 2 days ago for Cushings Syndrome. One thing I'm learning is that Cushings isn't a death can't be cured, but it CAN be managed and a dog can lead a normal life and return to a better self. It's sure a steep learning curve though!!! 

Daphne in BC

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