Saturday, January 22, 2011

Darby's Looking Pretty and Having Fun in Texaa

Darby (fka Ciao) continues to do GREAT here in TEXAS & yes---- she has a bit of a southern bark now !!  She is feeling very loved & has become much more relaxed around new people.  She did good staying with our daughter while we went out of town.  She met her new Dr. & got a great checkup!  She has had her 1st grooming - just a little trim and shapeup!  

Darby says: "I went to the groomer for the 1st time!!  Her Name is Terry!  She loves me!  I love My new haircut!!"

Darby loves to curl up on all the blankies laying around the house...prefers them over dog beds.  She loves her chewy sticks & Darby loves her BIG backyard...she loves to stretch out & rub her tummy on the leaves & roll in the dead grass...which sticks to her black fur like a magnet!!.......not real sure what those other little animals are....we tell her they are squirrels & birds!!  LOL  She gives lotsa kisses & we give kisses back!!  We are so blessed & continue to thank everyone @ CP & especially her foster mommy & daddy!  She sends her LOVE to everyone!!!    :)
Darby and Her Cousin Teagan

I stayed with my cousin Teagan when my mom & dad went out of town!  That sure was fun!!

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