Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buddy checking in!

Hi Mary,

Val, Phil, Missy and Buddy checking in to let you know everything is going great with Buddy. He now likes to chase airplanes since we live next to an airport and will run up and down the yard as they fly over. At one of the parks we go to they fly model planes and he goes nuts chasing them.

He also loves to bulldoze the snow and bury his head in it, he looks so cute when he comes to the door with his head covered in snow.

He and Missy get along great and were caught cuddled together a couple of times.His allergies are all gone now, it was mostly to poultry, flax seed, and some veggies but with his new diet he never itches. We love Buddy and are so glad we adopted him. Once again thanks to everyone at Col Potter for all their help. I am attaching some pics of Buddy, hope to get some snow pics tomorrow.

Take care
Val, Phil, Missy and Buddy

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