Monday, January 3, 2011

Things I Like About My New Home

Things I Like About My New Home
By Kinsey Hope
I have been in my new home for three weeks now, and there are some things here that I really like a lot!  I like the indoor pool a lot.  My mom calls it my water dish, but I say if it's big enough for me to dig in, it's big enough to call a pool!  My mom gets a bit upset with me when I play in my pool and cause a river to run through the middle of my Xpen, but it's good fun for me!  Then I can roll in the river so my drowned rat impression is more complete.  hahaha. 
I love all the toys here.  I have lots, and I just discovered a NEW toy!  It's like this never ending toy that rolls and dispenses soft paper for pulling and chewing and basically making a HUGE mess!  Cairn Cousins, if you haven't found this amazing toy yet, check the bathroom in your home!  Mom shuts the door now to spoil my fun, but Daddy usually forgets until Mom yells at him that now HE can go clean up the bathroom floor.
Here's a couple short videos of me enjoying my favorite things in my new home.  Enjoy!
Kisses & Nibbles,
Kinsey Hope in Murfreesboro, TN

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