Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kaper Certain to Enjoy Cairn Antics!

Hi everyone,
Celia, 12-year-old former puppy mill mama, and I have a new little boy to love -- Kaper (fka KPax). He is beautiful and has the sweetest personality. He is surprisingly well-behaved, especially considering he spent the first five years of his life as a puppy mill breeder.
Some people have asked how I came up with Kaper's name. He was originally named for the movie "KPax" for Karen P. I asked Karen if she had a suggestion for a new name and she came up with Kaper, which she said was a bad spelling for a grand caper. I thought it was a cute idea. I think I should have named him "Dart," though, because of the way he runs ahead of me and darts back and forth:)
I don't think they make them any cuter than Kaper. Celia and I are very happy to have a boy in the house again. I'm sorry I can't send a picture of him yet. I was trying to take pictures of him yesterday but my camera wasn't working. As soon as I get that problem fixed, I'll send pictures.
I want to thank everyone involved in approving my adoption of Kaper and his great foster dad, Ron. We are very lucky to have this handsome, sweet little man. And I want to thank everyone in Col. Potter for all you do to give little guys like Kaper a chance at a new life in a loving forever home.
Ellen in Massachusetts
with Celia and Kaper

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