Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pepper Wiggles Happiness in Furever Home

Pepper is wonderful!  She's been sleeping on John for the last 45 minutes!  Loves to snuggle.  She is becoming more comfortable and feisty each day.  She is learning to play with toys and trying to play with things that aren't toys - my gloves...  

She and Rusty are working it out, too. Pepper is doing amazingly well for the number of kids/people that have been around.  Yesterday there were a slew of kids out her and she got a little nervous - it was a good reminder that we have to take it slow and remember where she came from.

We just love her, though.  Johna laughs because she says Pepper has no control of her backside - it just wiggles and wiggles.  She hardly barks - but last night we had Animal Planet on and it was a show about a dog rescue and when Pepper heard the dogs barking on TV she began barking and wouldn't stop.  We wondered if it brought back some memories???

I love items on Fancy Nancy - every little girl needs a Valentine diaper - don't you think?  The girls said they saw some Fancy Nancy product in their Teen Vogue magazine.

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