Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rosso Hops a Car Ride to Furever

Well my big red rascal Rosso was adopted this morning and will be known as Bailey. 

He greeted his new family with tail wags and lots of sniffing. He hopped into the car with them and seemed pretty comfortable. The meet and greet a few weeks ago paid off for all of us. I still woke up at 3am this am paranoid that he will escape from them somehow but felt better after they were here for a while. I talked w/his new mom Laura about the Tag program and keeping the numbers updated.

So he starts a new chapter in his life now. It's very quiet here - he had such a presence and a big personality! Thanks to our MM Keren for a wonderful job matching him to the right home who patiently waited for the right dog for them.

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