Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Cairn Terrier is NOT a Dog!

I have been informed, by my one and only Max, Cairn Terrier Debonair, that he is NOT a dog and refuses to be treated like one any longer!! This attitude started quite some time ago, but this morning solidified his message...

1. He will NOT be forced to go potty outside in the rain. Instead, he chooses to hold it, or to get right to the edge of the overhang on the deck and tinkle on the bushes that way - never EVER allowing his delicate feet to touch wet ground. Really? How incredibly undignified!!

2. When it is meal time, he will wait quietly at my feet while I fill 4 bowls.  He will, however - and this is very important, so you must take notes!! - He will NOT go into his cage or even sniff at his bowl, until he gets to lick the spoon. I think he wants to make sure we're not giving him anything that will make him more doggy and less people-like.

3. When it is time for bed, Maximum gets a full 10" of bed space between the end table and mommy, OR between mommy and daddy - there is absolutely NO hanky panky allowed and he makes fierce protest at even the slightest of pecks. He gets locked in the hallway for that stuff... and OH does he protest!! We are surprised that we still have a door, to be perfectly honest.

4. He MUST have a pillow - not a doggy pillow, but a real human, fluffy pillow for him to rest his head on when in bed to sleep for the night. Blankets must be pulled over him or he hims-and-haws all night long until they are placed just right over him.

5. Bath is a four letter word, just like any boy his age, taking baths is NOT fun and is something he will do anything to avoid... including getting under the middle of a king sized bed so we can reach him. And even an insanely food driven dog like him will not be coaxed out from under the bed with any type of food... the bath is an evil that big humans cannot possibly understand!

So, there you have it, that's all the evidence that I've collected to date.
What do you think? Cairn ... or … Short Furry Human?

Kim & Steve J

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