Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mickey McQueen Goes Home to New York

My little foster boy (Mickey) left today with his new Mom, Diana.  They have a very long drive ahead over the next two days – from sunny and warm Florida to snowy and cold New York with an overnight in North Carolina.

Mickey doesn’t realize it yet, but this little guy hit the jackpot with his new family.  Diana hasn’t had a dog since childhood.  She and her husband have 2 sons in college and they all are excited about this new addition to their family.  Diana and her husband have been busy shopping for all the things Mickey could possibly need – including a few coats and sweaters.  Half of her suitcase was filled with things Mickey might need on the drive home.

Mickey was such an easy boy to foster and even though he came into Col Potter as a stray, it’s obvious someone once loved him and took very good care of him.  And now he’ll find himself in a loving home again.  My cairn boys and I will miss this sweet boy, but we know he’ll have a wonderfully happy new life.

And kudos to our Communications, Home Safety Visits and Matchmaker teams for their promptness in “processing” applications.  Diana told me that it was a fluke that she even found Col Potter and ultimately McQueen.  She had been searching Petfinder for awhile, found a cairn she liked in New Jersey that was with a different Cairn Rescue group, and put in an application.  She waited a month and never heard from them.  So she started searching again and found Col Potter.  So why did she pick Mickey who was so far away?  She said she just fell in love with him from his videos.  She even had dreams of him being at home with her and knew it was meant to be.  It’s apparent that Diana has a lot of terrier traits—one of them being determination  -- figuring out how to get what she wants.

And guess what, Amy – she bought a cookbook from me!

Diana promised to keep in touch and send me pictures and videos once they’re home and settled in.  I can’t wait to hear what his reaction is to that white stuff!

Happy forever little Mickey!

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