Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brosnan now Brody - A Very Lovable Showoff

Today was the day Brosnan - now known as BRODY - got to meet his new mom, Connie, and big sister, Emily.  He had his bags packed,was comfortable in his crate in the car and ready to go.  One little problem - the garage door broke and we were trapped in the garage!!  After many trials, and tribulations, we were able to get the door open and 45 minutes later Brody was on the way to meet his new mom.

We met in the middle of cold, snowy, windy Ohio - all of 15 degrees!  Brody loves snow so he was happy (but cold) while the rest of us shivered as we got things done.  Brody put his paws on the knees of both his new mom & sister stretching out for ear scritches when they first met.  He showed them how he sits pretty for a treat just by seeing the treat.  He also showed his talent to sit with a hand signal.  To top it off he got in his big, warm comfortable travel crate on command!  

Brody is a smart boy and likes to show off.  Mr. Brody will have a 2 year old Westie brother and a Border Collie sister.  No lack of playmates or energy in his new home!  He's going to have FUN!!
Brody says thanks to everyone for their love and support!
Former foster mom,
Carolynne M
Ft. Wayne IN

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