Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chuck McQueen's Long Ride to Furever

McQueen was fostered by Karen M in Florida, but his furever family lives in New York.  So here is the story of his looonnnggg car ride home:

Hi Karen,

We arrived at my house at around 1:00 AM this morning,  Chuck McQueen (aka Mickey) is napping on the couch beside me right now, so I thought this would be a good time to write you.

Chuck McQueen (aka Mickey) tolerated his road trip extremely well. Each day of the trip, he became more and more accustomed to the routine. By Friday, he was so accustomed, that he didn't whine or talk when we stopped to pay the tolls. (Before, he would get so excited to see the toll collector). We arrived in North Carolina on Thursday night after 12:30AM. He slept well in his crate right beside my bed. He ate well, as per his regimen and pottied very well too. He loved visiting with our business colleagues in NC before we headed North, and he was his usual highly excited self whenever we encountered other people or dogs. It was very cold in NC, in the thirties and at one point when we were outside, he seemed to be itchy. I was worried because I had adhered to the Prednisone schedule, but then the itchiness subsided. Today he has not been itchy at all.

He was very funny at one point in Baltimore, during one of our pit stops, he seemed annoyed that his water bowl (the collapsible one) did not have food in it (He had just eaten all the food out of his food bowl), so he tipped it over with his nose. When I put more water in the water bowl, he did the same thing again. It was quite funny. I think what happened was the bowl smelled a little like food because I had stored the bowls in the snack pack (with his treats) that you sent along with him.

You will be interested to know he can ascend stairs very well. Descending is a bit more challenging for him though. He can easily ascend and descend the four wooden steps on our back deck and he can ascend the steps (about 10, with a landing in between) that lead from our basement to our foyer. He won't go down those steps though, so we carry him down.   

As for snow, he didn't seem to know what to make of it at first. But then he decided to test it out and walk in it. He didn't mind it. And, he doesn't mind me putting his coat on either. He looks adorable in it. I will take some pictures and send them to you. We walked all around my development today, and since it was very quiet, he walked very well, until he saw a squirrel, of course. And then one of my neighbors let their dog out when we were passing by and Chuck wanted to go over there too. He whined and barked some when I kept going towards out house, but he got over it.

Chuck (Mickey) also took to my family very well. He played fetch and watched TV with my older son. I heard my son making plans with Chuck to watch the football game on TV together tomorrow. My husband plans to join them too.  Unfortunately, my younger son went back to college today, so he will miss this party.

I will keep you posted on Chuck's (Mickey's) progress. In the meantime, he sends you his love and told me to tell you and his brothers that he misses you all so much, but he is happy that he found his forever home.


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