Saturday, January 30, 2010

Katie Rose's Accomplishments

Katie (fka Writing) is such a dear, sweet little thing and has accomplished so much in the time I have had her (February, 2009). Each day is a step in bravery....which speaks of the wonderful character of Cairn Terriers!

She's a little rolly-polly that snuffles with her nose buried deep in the grass and weeds...she has three favorite holes that she snuffles in the park where we take our daily walks....there is one in particular that she puts her head into and all I can see is that little bottom and tail sticking up in the air!! Everyday she checks these same holes... there is never anything there...but she's not going to give up. She pounces on potential victims in four foot weeds (personally I think that they are imaginary)! Where she used to have to take breaks during our walks,,,she now charges ahead. I walk her on a lead rather than a gives her a little more freedom to investigate and gain confidence...but always wearing her halter!

Her walks in the park have now become a fun time for her...she has come a long way from jumping in terror when she hears a loud noise or encounters the unfamiliar! She LOVES car rides...and makes funny little noises of happiness in her throat and looks out the car window at everything! and then comes over and gives me a kiss or two on my cheek and snuffles my hair! She is a happy bundle of energy in the morning and holds my fingers in her mouth as a way of showing affection!

Obviously, I could go on and on about her accomplishments and character...I not only love her dearly, but admire her greatly for the brave little creature that she has become. Hooray for Katie Rose!

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